Any alternatives to Mozy?

Posted : Wednesday, 29 June 2011 22:03:38

About 6 months ago I got a WHS box and am really happy with it. We now have all our pics on it and I found this excellent open source project….

Gallery Server Pro

…which means our friends and folks can see all our pictures after a simple registration. Seriously, great!

Although the WHS box is duplicated storage (something like RAID—) its still in only one physical location and after a total nightmare I had last year with data loss I am finally getting round to backing up the important family stuff off-site.

If you’ve been meaning to do this yourself and haven’t done it yet - Remember – shit does happen!

If you’ve been meaning to do this yourself and haven’t done it yet - Read this for more motivation (although where it says “Mozy” replace with “<OnelineBackupCompanyThatDoesAllowWhs></OnelineBackupCompanyThatDoesAllowWhs>”)…


WHS if you don’t know, is Windows Home Server which is built on top of win2k3 and therefore technically a server OS aimed at the home market (the clue is in the name). How disappointed am I that after paying for two years backup – it wont run on my WHS machine? Apparently I have to buy the business product.


I have raised a support log with them but no reply yet….

..mind you I don’t know if they got it - this is what happened when I tried to post it…


Any alternatives that will run on WHS are welcome Smile

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Bowler Sunday, 14 August 2011 11:46:34

What about Backblaze? http://backblaze.com/. Truly unlimited storage!