BADda Bing!

Posted : Saturday, 21 May 2011 08:14:22

So I was just trying to upload some photos to the Bing UK homepage competition and I hit a bug – this is most not cool from the guys at Bing UK. Particularly given that “it exposes potentially secure information to malicious eyes….”.

So to recreate…….

1) Go to Bing (I presume this landing page is only shown in UK) and hit the competition link at the bottom

bing homepage

2) Hit “ENTER NOW”

enter comp

3) Select a pic to upload and hit “Preview and Crop”

hit preview

4) “Oh no wait, I changed my mind”….Hit “Cancel crop”

hit cancel

5) BADda Bing!!!! – YSOD


OR if you select a big old png….. BADda Bing!!! YSOD


Come on Microsoft/Bing guys NOT COOL!!!

Mr. Hanselman is quite helpful on getting this not to happen!

use ELMAH, be cool!

Lets hope this doesn’t take too long to fix…. I’ll do it if you guys are busy? I Promise it wont take long Winking smile

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