Changing SQL Server 2012 Default Data Directories

Posted : Thursday, 17 January 2013 13:34:00

I’m currently mid way through my SQL Server 2012 MCSE in Business Intelligence and after installing the full version I was updating some server configuration properties – namely changing the default data, log file and backup directory to a different drive than my system drive and came across a problem where the new default values I entered for Data, Log and Backup locations were not updating, e.g. if on the server properties dialogue window I enter the values as shown:


Then click ‘OK’, and then re-open the server properties window they revert to the original values…..


The key to getting these settings updated is to restart the SQL server instance immediately after clicking OK which then yields this:


Its a bit confusing as there is no message anywhere stating that you need to restart the service to make updates, and opening the server properties again resets the values to their previous values thereby undoing any changes.

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