How to Hard Reset USB Network Adapter On Windows 8.1

Posted : Friday, 29 November 2013 11:53:00

After my questionable recent decision to upgrade to pre release windows 8.1, I was relieved when the officially supported release candidate shipped. To be honest there aren't any major differences that I have found so far - there however are some really nice enhancements such as improved search and boot straight to desktop and these combined with the fact that’s its essentially the first service pack for 8.1 are enough to warrant an upgrade.

I am happily now running 8.1 on both my personal laptop and my desktop at home. The official upgrade was much less  painful with all my programs maintained as opposed to the full wipe I saw with the pre-release version.

Recently I was messing about with home network getting a new DHCP working and had to manually alter my network adapter settings. I got everything working but then started to experience a problem with my USB Ethernet adapter, I couldn’t set any properties on the device and anytime I tried I received a message about how the settings could not be updated. Unfortunately I don't have the exact message but when I showed a network technician at my current clients he said it needed a hard reset. I couldn’t work out how to do this but fortunately stumbled across the solution.

Basically the key was to go into device manager while the adapter was connected to a USB port….



Right click the device and Uninstall….


Then right click the Network Adapters node in device manager and Scan For Changes.


Windows will then reinstall the device and the network adapter is reset. Doing that successfully reset whatever obscure setting was preventing it working. Result

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