Now for something completely different…You Tatty Roller

Posted : Monday, 29 August 2011 15:06:34

If you want a bit of background read this, otherwise just enjoy….

Around 2008 I went through a bit of a Kings Of Leon phase and was spending a lot of time listening to their second album namely Aha Shake Heartbreak – incidentally I still maintain this is one of the best albums of that decade. Anyway my partner Sam and I went on holiday to Bali and Sulawesi and during this time we went on a bit of mission to try and work out the lyrics to the excellent song King Of the Rodeo. It was quite a task but good fun. When we got back we both had a bit of time before starting back at work so started having a bit of a play with Windows Movie Maker to try and make a video for the song we’d spent so much time debating while we were away. So firstly we went on a bit of Google image hunt trying to find pictures for all all the words in our version of the lyrics. We saved all these into a local folder in the c: drive and fired up Windows Movie Maker. Having never seen it before I was pleasantly surprised at how easy was to get going with, after importing all the necessary files its a simple matter of dragging them onto a timeline. Once positioned each element becomes selectable and you can alter the duration it is shown/played by dragging the slider. What quickly became highly annoying was the tendency of the program to crash at infuriatingly regular intervals. This seemed to happen pretty randomly and without warning – the only way we found around it was to save the project every time any change was made. After a good few hours playing around we had finished about 90% of the song and it was time to call it a night – I backed up the project and all the resources to my NAS box and there it sat – FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS gathering virtual dust!!! Shocking!

The other day I had a few hours spare and suddenly remembered the project so I committed to get it done and finished that night. As I found out Windows Movie Maker 2011 is not compatible with whatever version we’d used to create it so I had to dig around and find a Windows XP virtual machine and use that – I also quickly remembered the oh so important requirement to save the project after every change. Anyway after a couple of hours the thing was finished.

Once complete I exported the movie into the only format supported by that version of Move Maker, namely wmv so I had to perform one last step to get it online – good old YouTube. I just uploaded it and its now there for all to see…

You Tatty Roller!!!

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